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Voted BEST IN AFRICA: The Gin Guide - UK, Double Gold: Singapore World Spirit Awards, Gold: World Gin Awards UK, Gold: Sip Awards USA, Gold: Old Mutual Awards, Gold: SA Craft Gin Awards, Gold: MichelAngelo Awards, Gin Icon of the Year: World Gin Awards, Packaging Award IWSC

Our GinOur Gin

Award-winning, copper distilled. Our recipe experimentation spanned two years and over 200 different recipes with wild and wonderful ingredients, until finally Unit 43 Gin was born. Smooth, balanced and local in its ingredients. With 9 medals in our first year... we think it's a bloody delicious gin!

Our MottoOur Motto

‘Find and Refine’ is the motto of the distillers at Unit43 Distilling Co. We love to build stuff we love and we love Gin... so it all made sense. We continuously changed the designs of our equipment based on the recycled materials we come across.

The BarThe Bar

Hand made, bulit using all recylcled materials. Come and join us for a taster at our bar. Call us to make an appointment.

Our Still. 'Sylvia'Our Still. 'Sylvia'

Handmade and named after our mother & grandmother. Our still was the first task that we undertook when we started our journey. We had a design in mind but that quickly had to be adapted and changed as we used recycled materials in the build. The final result yielded award winning spirits, better than we could have imagined. So became our still, Sylivia... beautiful, one of a kind copper creation.


Ceramic, beautiful and dressed to kill. Made from the hands of Demi and Patrick... Subtly screened through a mesh made out of sea silk from pen shell clams. This is the first of it's kind in South Africa... from rough clay to this beautifully crafted black bottle of beautiful-ness...


Award winning, 99% recyclable. We pride ourselves on our award winning packaging, every bottle is made with care and hand-wrapped. Winning Gin Icon of the year at the World Gin Awards in 2020 and IWSC Highly Commended: “Most Beautiful Bottles in the World Category”


By hand, our hands, all the way to the end. Our production process is our daily inspiration. Being able to transform single ingredients into our award winning spirit, and then bottling it in the most beautiful packaging on the planet gives us Goosebumps every time we do it and we will always take a hands on approach to producing the universe's greatest gin.


The best we can find and home grown where possible. We source the best ingredients that we can to produce our spirits. Organic preferably, and when possible. The fresh Fynbos is mostly grown by us or sustainably harvested as locally as possible. Our beautiful Bucchu was discovered by accident while lost on a dirt road in Paarl which turned out to be a road to a bucchu farm.

Bikes & StuffBikes & Stuff

To keep us company while we work and because we love to build stuff. We love to build stuff and we love bikes...

passing timepassing time

Never a dull moment during hours of distilling time! Passing time in the distillery isn’t always as romantic as you may think... if you’re not on guard you may find yourself falling victim to hilarious (for some) pranks. Ghost chillies smeared on the rim of your coffee cup, work boots filled with post distilled Juniper berries or even a shock from an electrified door handle are common occurrences at the distillery.

contract distillingcontract distilling

We're happy to help, from manufacure to bottling. If you’ve ever thought of having your own gin brand, we’re here to help. From recipe development to the final bottled product, all in house and to the same excellent standards as our own beloved products.

Distillers and Makers of the Strong Stuff.
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